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Gaming Pain Free

Nowadays, most of the children as well as adults enjoy playing games online and they do this for long hours in most days. There are lots of games available online and searching for the right games may take several hours. In addition to that, they will also spend hours playing the actual games. One of the typical game searches amongst elderly people is looking for new bingo sites. These people sit on their chairs at home, search for the right bingo sites where they can play or gamble 24/7. This process is time consuming, and can affect these people’s health.

One of the problems in playing online games for long hours is back pains caused by stress and prolonged sitting. For elderly people, it is hard to enjoy the game if they are not comfortable. In this case, it is recommended to sit on an ergonomic chair in front of the computer. This chair primarily assists the individual sitting on it in minimizing back pain by providing the right support. Most of these ergonomic chairs have different back support systems and features, but generally they support the lower lumbar and mid-spinal part of the back. Other features include memory foam cushioning that is placed in order to conform to the natural curvature of your body and promote proper sitting posture and increase comfort. This memory foams are located all over the chair to provide the right support for your back. It will also assist your body in sitting properly in order to prevent back pains.
In addition, these memory foams respond to the weight as well as the warmth of the back of your body for a more personalized support. You can also feel that your posture is in a stable position. Of course, most of these ergonomic chairs are adjustable in order to conform to your needs. With this kind of chair, you can enjoy playing your favorite bingo games online without having to worry about back pains and stress.

Another thing that can add to the enjoyment of playing online games for long hours is the use of ergonomic keyboards and mouse. These computer peripherals can help by minimizing the strain that your hands and fingers may experience in prolonged playing. These ergonomic peripherals provide support for your wrists, hands and arms in very natural posture and hence, reduce the pressure that is experienced in the sensitive areas such as the carpal tunnel. It can also prevent some potential injuries that may result from an unhealthy and wrong posture. In addition to the comfort given by the ergonomic designs of these computer peripherals, some of them are also infused with technological features such as wireless technology which allows you to use them even if you are 30 feet away from the computer.

We look forward to bringing you more tips and advice, stay tuned and be sure to leave a comment on your thoughts. New posts regularly here at Healthbolt.net. 

Secret Success Is In A Daily Routine

The Secret of your success is found in your daily routine – John C Maxwell


    I have always looked up to John Maxwell for his leadership teaching and principles.  As an aspiring leader myself i’m always looking to be on the cutting edge when it comes to growing as a person.  Over the years I have began researching how to become a healthier person and I have incorporated John’s leadership principles into the health regimen.  The more I mature the more I realize the secret to success in anything is found in your daily routine.  How you spend your day for a single day will have little impact on your life either positive or negative.  The way to make change in any field is to set yourself up with a daily routine.  I have found that it’s even more important to do this when it comes to improving your health.  I like to start my daily health regimin first thing in the morning.  This will usually get my day started off right and it becomes easier to carry these positive and health habits into the evening. 

   My Daily Health Routine 2The first thing I do every morning is fill my steel 40oz water bottle full of water at least 1/2 of a squeezed lemon.  Drinking water first thing can help jump start your organs after 8+ hours of fasting.  Lemon water is alkiline and drinking it in the morning can help make your feel better and quick start your energy levels.  With my 40 oz of water I usually take a digestive enzyme.  I do this first thing because I want to give the digest enzyme a little while to break down before I eat my breakfast.  I try not to eat breakfast right when I wake up because I believe you should fast as long as possible.  For example, if I eat dinner at 6 or 7pm then I try not to eat breakfast until 9pm or later.  If I follow this time frame then that gives my body nearly 15 hours of fasting time per day.  At around 9am when I’m done with my morning exercise I drink a glass of whey protein.  Most of the studies show that whey protein has the best effect if taken within 30 minutes of exercising either before or after.  After the whey protein settles in my system then I am ready to eat some breakfast.  My breakfasts usually consist of an organic veggie omelet or a fruit and veggie smoothie depending on how hungry I am.  I have found if I go light for breakfast then I usually end up eating a bigger lunch so it’s a wash in the end.  I try to listen to my body and eat when I’m hungry.

   That’s a basic rundown on how I start my day and I believe it’s been a huge reason for my success.  Eating healthy and organic seems to keep my energy levels high and my mind clear.  Remember, my morning routine is not for everyone and you should develop your own routine that gives you the greatest chance for success. 

Also see my article on gluten free teriyaki sauce.

Breast Augmentation Portland Oregon – Is It Safe?

There are two types of breast implants available in to women in the United States, saline and silicone.  There are pros and cons to each implant and patients should do research to figure out which one is best for you.  A lot of people, especially men say they prefer the feeling of silicone breast implants over saline.  Another point to consider is the safety of each type of implant.  From the studies and research I have done it appears that if saline implants our more obvious when they rupture then silicone making them somewhat safer in that respect.  The bottom line is it really comes down to what the personal preference is from the person getting the surgery.  There are also other surgeries a women might opt to do like breast reduction or a breast lift. breastaugIt’s important to note, that any type of surgery comes with some degree of risk to the person going under the knife.  I feel that if the perceived problem doesn’t effect the women in a really negative way then it’s probably to just live with the issue.  If the problem does cause a damaging effect then fixing the issue might be worth the risk of surgery.  If your going to get breast implants then I prefer when women go for a moderate size that looks natural.  We have all seen the women with petite bodies who go from an A cup to a D cup.  I think this throws their whole body out of proportion and prefer the natural look, just enhanced.  Breast augmentation surgery is usually done after a women has gone through child birth.  After a women gives birth and has breast fed the child for 6 months to 2 years then her breasts can often “deflate” and loose their fullness.  I personally feel women look great like this but I know some feel sub-conscious about the look.  The price for breast augmentation surgery can run anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 or more with the average price being around $3,000 dollars.  When looking for a doctor make sure it’s someone who is a American Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon.  There are a lot of cheaper options for plastic surgery out there like going to foreign countries but don’t even consider it.  The health care system in America is still the best in the world and by choosing a certified surgeon your taking a lot of risk out of the operation.  Breast augmentation surgery is the most popular cosmetic surgery in the United States by far.  Women from around the world come to the United States to have this procedure done by some of the best doctors on the planet.  Even with it’s popularity only about 5% of the women in America have had this procedure done, and that figure includes implants, reductions, and breast lifts.  If you want more information on cosmetic surgery then visit breast augmentation Portland Oregon to learn more about the pros and cons of going under the knife.  As I mentioned earlier all surgeries come with some degree of risk and you really have to decide for yourself if your willing to take the chance to improve something that’s cosmetic in nature.  Sure there might be some cases such as breast reductions where a women physically needs to procedure because of back pain or other issues.  In those cases the risk threshold would probably be higher then someone who wants a little bit fuller breasts.  One of the big things I strongly advise women to avoid is going for the Pamela Anderson style “fake” look where the breasts sit unnaturally on the body.  Sure, most women want full breasts that don’t “sag” but when they appear to float in a way that doesn’t look natural I think you have gone too far.  If you prefer social media you can also check out breast augmentation Portland to read some Facebook posts.  Who doesn’t like women with beautiful breasts?  I know I do and I think ladies should know that the natural look is still beautiful.  I believe all ladies are unique and as long as you think you look sexy you probably are.  In conclusion, the most important point to remember is find a licensed cosmetic surgeon and read his reviews before you move forward to reduce your risk.

All Natural Lemon Water Detox

Lemon Water Detox Plan

Use lemons as a natural way to detox your body.

The world is full of dangerous chemicals that enter our body everyday.  The air we breath, the water we drink, and even the food we eat could all potentially be contaminated.  Most people don’t think about this but you can also absorb chemicals through your skin when you touch money and other things.  I have read studies about how BPA on receipt paper can enter the body through your finger tips when your handed a receipt at the grocery store.  This is all pretty scary and as a healthy person I know part of staying that way is to detox my body regularly.  There are a lot of products on the market that claim to do this such as herbal detox’s that come in pill form.  There are also products like Oxy Powder that releases oxygen bubbles into your digestive track and breaking up the gunk.  If you search you can also find colon cleansing products that clear the colon quickly and safely.  If you budget is tight I think the best way to detox is with the all natural lemon water detox.  Lemon has a cleansing effect on the body and can do wonders in helping aid digestion and ridding the body of some of the chemicals we ingest daily.  You can Google the term “Lemon Water Detox” to find the exact formula for detoxing with lemons.  Most of the detox’s I have read about involve fasting as well so it might not be for everyone.  The other thing to think about is lemon juice can hurt the enamel on your teeth so make sure you consider that risk before drinking lemon water daily.  I hope that gave you some ideas on how to cleanse you body safely.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Great Health Video

Welcome To Healthbolt.net

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Welcome to Healthbolt.net. We are excited to bring you the latest and greatest in health and fitness. We will be going over complete body health and fitness in our time together. That will include mental health and focus that plays some of the biggest roles in physical health.

We also want to cover what isn’t healthy. Things that can detract from your well being. There are some things you could be doing now that negate any good you are attempting to accomplish with your mind and body.

There are many different levels of health, we will dive into all of them and let you decide what level you would like to see yourself at and how you can get there in the most effective way possible.

I really want to dive into a little bit of what you can do right this second to start improving your well being! Who wants to wait, let get going right now….Silhouette of woman in yoga lotus meditation position front to s

Get a good daily dose of Meditation! Now wait, I hear a lot of grumbles saying that you don’t know how to meditate and you don’t have time or space or…bla bla bla…zip it! Enough with the excuses. What is your health worth to you?! It should be one of your highest priorities as what good is life if we aren’t healthy enough to enjoy it. So no more excuses! This is really simple and you don’t have to know much more then to sit quietly for 15-20 minutes. Thats it. When is the last time you just sat in a peaceful spot with no distractions for 15-20 minutes? You would be amazed what a little peace time to yourself can do for you and your body. Let me break it down and if you are serious, then you will give it a shot.

The best time to meditate is either first thing in the morning or at night when you are winding down. It really acts as a reset button and helps center your thoughts and body. Let me lay out a simple guide line that I personally use to get started.

  1. Wake up 20 minutes earlier-no complaints, you are worth it! 20 minutes won’t kill you.
  2. Put on some comfy clothes.
  3. Find a spot in your house, a nearby park, or somewhere peaceful where you can sit and not be distracted.
  4. Cross your  legs, put your hands on your knees palms up just like in the picture above.
  5. Close your eyes and just breath nice, slow, long, deep breaths.
  6. Do your best to just clear your mind of everything. Simply focus on your breathing and siting calmly and quietly.
  7. Do this for 15-20 minutes minimum. Set your watch, or phone if you need to for time.
  8. As you finish just think of a few things you are grateful for before you start your day.

Thats it! Wasn’t so bad was it. This little addition to your day can truly change your life on levels you wouldn’t even imagine. It sounds a little crazy to some I know. Let me through a challenge your way. Do this for 30 days straight every morning or night. If you miss a day, you have to start over. It must be 30 days straight. At the end of 30 days, write me and tell me your experience. Tell me about the differences in all areas of your life that you are starting to notice. I promise that if you do everything stated above, you will have positive differences to share.

This is only the start! We haven’t even been here a day and there is a free gold nugget on the table. How awesome is that. Do it for yourself, you are worth it!


Google Has Moved Their Top Search Results to a 3 Pack Listing

Portland Oregon Restaurants

Portland Oregon Restaurants Google Search Results.

If you have been hiding under a rock for the last few months you probably haven’t noticed that Google has moved their top search results for the Google Business Listings from a 7-Pack to a 3-Pack.  This is devastating news for for small business owners in competitive niches because it will be hard to get your business information to even show up now.  Let’s say your in a competitive niche like restaurants in Portland Oregon.  If you look at the screenshot of the Google search I just did you will see that the Google 3-pack pulls up in result 1, 2, and 3.  Then after that in the #4 position and below you begin to see webpages like Yelp and restaurant pages.  Most restaurant owners will have a hard time ranking in the top 3 restaurants in big cities.  I have also noticed that the restaurants with the top 3 citation listings usually are on the front page with their websites.  So basically what has happened is Google has created less diversity on the front page which is good for the best restaurants but bad for everyone else.  Maybe in the future I will give you guys some information on how to rank better in the Google Business Listings, or you can visit Portland SEO and they can help you get to the top 3 with proven techniques that not many seo’s know about. You would be amazed and the difference in results from someone who pretends to know search engine optimization, and someone who really knows. Results speak for themselves, don’t be afraid to ask some of their results or anyones for that matter. It’s a lot like getting workout advise from someone overweight and out of shape…does that make any sense? Then why would you get seo from someone who has never ranked a page to the #1 spot or even 2 or 3? Just some food for thought! We will probably cover a little more in the future like website design and development or on page strategies.

Also, if we inspire you to want to know more, please drop us an email and let us know what else you would like to hear or know about when it comes to seo or health.

We look forward to seeing you next time, stay positive and healthy!

Our Favorite Portland SEO Company

I have been designing webpage for customers for about 20 years.  When you have been in the internet business as long as I have you pick up insights that others don’t have.  The main one being how many companies come and go in and out of this industry.  The truth is there’s a steep learning curve to be good at search marketing and most people just don’t have the patience to grind it out.  The other wild card that makes the internet different then professional services is the game is always changing.  When the World Wide Web was first introduced it was easy to game the system.  I remember the days when AltaVista was one of the biggest search engines.  This was in 1995 in the pre Google early years of the internet.  Then Google came to town and since then has taken the internet by storm with some experts estimating an enormous 60-70% market share on all organic search.  Eventually AltaVista began to fall out of favor and was purchased by Yahoo and was finally shut down in 2013 because of poor performance.  Another big earlier pioneer in the search world was AOL.  AOL, like AltaVista suffered a similar fate and was eventually absorbed by larger companies.  During the 200o internet bubble there were many companies with billion dollar market shares that were bankrupt over night.  When your in a new field that heavily relies on technology the world can change in an instant.

In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s I would not have recommended SEO services for my clients.  The internet just wasn’t that competitive those days and anyone who could design an attractive and functional website could get visitors.  Now that the internet is getting older more companies have moved in to slice out their piece of the pie.  Unfortunately for the average small business owner this is bad news.  The internet has reached a point where the average person can’t really compete with the big companies and their massive search engine marketing budgets.  That’s why I recommend that all small firms get search engine optimization services from a professional company.  The reason I don’t offer this service is because it takes a different skill set design and build a website then it does to optimize a website correctly.  Google is constantly updating their search algorithm with new releases like Panda, Penguin, and Omaha and it takes a full time focus just to keep up with the changes.  In the future I can see it being even more difficult for small business to compete with the giant mega corporations out there.  When a client asks me who I recommend for search engine optimization I refer them to a Portland SEO Company called Oregon Web Solutions.  I have always had a good experience with them and most importantly their techniques work.  Over the years I have seen them take clients with no web presence at all and help them totally dominate the front page of Google.  Sure, it helps that I build great aesthetically pleasing and functional websites, but it’s the behind the scenes optimization work that is really the “secret sauce” to ranking well.  I also appreciate the way they break their services down into multiple affordable parts so clients can see results before they commit to the whole package.

The first seo service they offer is helping clients fill out their Google Business Listing.  This may seem simple but Google is constantly changing the business portion of Google+ and it can be confusing to most.  Once Oregon Web Solutions sets up your page and verifies your listing you can now be found on the maps when people search for services in your geographic region.  Every year more people search from their mobile device and a Harvard study reports that the mobile devices will just grow in popularity.   This tactic alone can give small companies great exposure especially professional services in a small geographic region.  The great news is this service can cost as little as $149 dollars from OWS which is well worth the return on investment your receiving.  The next step to improving your search optimization is to get as many business citations as possible.  Business citations are the key factor in determining where you rank in the Google map pins or 7 pack.  This is essentially an arms race and the person with the most accurate citations will usually rank #1 in the map pins.  Since more people now search on mobile devices the map pins are playing a larger rule in search and are now appearing in the top spot most of the time.  If you business is listed in the top map pin customers are able to call you with 1 to 2 clicks of their smart phone.  The more convenient you make it for your customers the better.  This SEO Service can cost between $1,000-$3,000 dollars depending on how difficult the competition is in your area.  For most small to medium sized cities it should be very simple to rank in the top 3 positions.  The final search service they offer is the full optimization of your website.  This process involves keyword research, keyword optimization, backlinking, social marketing, and diverse anchor text.  Oregon Web Solutions has this process down to a science and in about 3-6 months can usually get your website ranked #1 in Google for uncompetitive terms.  For super competitive keywords in larger cities it can be more difficult and take longer.  I have seen them rank for keyword terms in medium sized cities no problem with there SEO process.  The downside is this part of their service can cost anywhere from $3,000-$6,000 additional dollars.  The upside is if you commit to this part of the search optimization package you can almost ensure that your website will dominate your competition.  There just isn’t very many small to medium size firms who will pay the money or invest the time to do this type of optimization.  That’s my breakdown and analysis of my favorite search engine marketing company Oregon Web Solutions, I hope my advice will help you rank your website better.

Oregon Web Solutions | Portland SEO
1717 NE 42nd Ave #3800
Portland, OR 97213
(503) 563-3028

What is the Best Whey Protein Powder Review

Whey Portein Powder Review

What is the best protein powder on the market?

What is the best whey protein powder on the market?  When you ask this question you will get a lot of different answers because everyone is looking for something different in a whey protein.  For me, I’m interested in taking the healthiest products I can find.  Therefore, the ingredients are the #1 most important factor for me.  I try to only consume products that are Certified USDA Organic because I know that they contain less chemicals and Non-GMO ingredients.  For some people health is not the most important aspect, instead building muscle is.  In fact, a lot of body builders use things like steroids to increase muscle at the expense of their health.  I don’t espouse to this ideology and only take supplements with quality ingredients.  Research shows that if you eat a highly processed product your more likely to feel the negative effects of the ingredients then if you eat the same product in it’s whole form.  This has to do with the natural fibers that chemicals will bind to and can effectively be passed through the body via the GI tract.  If you eat these same chemicals in a food from a processed form these fibers do not exist and the toxins could potentially be released into your blood stream.  This concept was introduced by Mike Adams over at Natural News and he called it the Metals Capturing Capacity.  Just Google that term if you want more information on his theory.

I have tried a lot of different proteins sold at big box stores.  I’m not going to call out these stores specifically, but I’m sure you can imagine the giant pallet of  XXL Protein at rock bottom discount prices at your local big box.  Have you ever stopped and examined the ingredients in these products?  Let me tell you they are not very good.  If I can’t pronounce most of the ingredients then I don’t buy it.  The truth of the matter is you can’t buy high quality proteins in your average store.  You have to visit a Co-op, health food store, or something like a Whole Foods to get the type of proteins I take.  That’s why I find it easiest to order these types of products online.

One World Whey Portein Powder Review

What is the best protein powder on the market?

One day I was listening to the radio and I heard an ad for a product called One World Whey.  The radio ad said this was an unheated grass fed whey.  At the time I didn’t know there was an unheated supplements and it perked my interest.  I decided to go ahead and order the product and see what all the rage was about.  When I got my canister I was amazed by all the claims made about the product on the label.  You could tell the manufacturer Synergistic Nutrition had put a lot work to create a really good product.  The milk was made from grass fed cows which means less chemicals.  The developer also sources their milk from Amish cows which I feel are probably treated more humanely.  I try to only buy animal products that the animal welfare standards are high and the feed is grass or organic.  One World Whey uses a manufacturing process that is totally unheated so more of the nutritional value is in tact.  The protein powder is also one of the best tasting I have ever had.  The whey comes in 3 delicious flavors chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.  My favorite flavor is chocolate because I can mix it with water and it basically tastes like chocolate milk.  The strawberry tastes great but If you like to mix your powder with green powders or anything else this isn’t the best.  When you mix strawberry with water it tastes great, but I wouldn’t mix it with anything else.  The vanilla flavor is great for people who like to mix with green powders, Maca Powder, and MSM.  It’s pretty sweet and tastes really good to most people.  Of all the protein powders on the market One World Whey is my favorite for all around taste and nutritional benefit.  Sure, there are other proteins on the market that are probably as good.  Most Organic protein’s you can purchase at high end grocers and health co-ops are probably as good.  The main difference being that One World doesn’t heat their product so more of the nutritional qualities are most likely still in tact.  The downside to One World is the price point.  This product retails for $159 dollars for a 5 Lb canister.  If you go to big box stores you can get 5Lb cans of discount whey’s for as low as $49 dollars.  So the price difference is large but if your serious about only putting quality ingredients in your body then it’s worth the money.  There are a few different places online to order One World Whey but my favorite is to order from small online stores.  I think it’s best to support small companies on the web to keep as much competition out there as possible.

The final consideration when taking a whey protein is the dosage.  Studies show that supplementing with protein powder is good but don’t take too much.  Some nutritional sources say that excess protein in the body can actually feed cancerous cells.  Now I can’t verify if this is true or not but I just wanted to put out a word of warning for body builder types, MMA fighters, Ju Jitsu, and other athletes that may be supplementing in large dosages.  In my opinion all vitamin and mineral supplementation should be done is small dosages because you can have too much of a good thing.  There are many great health blogs out there like Mercola where you can get more information on this.  You can also visit the Life Naturally Facebook page for reviews on health food, supplements, and daily healthy living tips.  In conclusion, If you have the money I think it’s worth spending money on quality nutritional products.  I would rather take less supplements then more products with chemicals and other additives.  If your looking for a great tasting whey protein powder made from some great ingredients then you should buy One World Whey.  If your on a strict budget then I recommend buying organic protein powders from your neighborhood health food store and saving the extra money.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

My Favorite Gluten Free Teriyaki Sauce

As many of you know I have a gluten sensitivity otherwise known as Celiac Disease.  I try my best to avoid all gluten products which makes eating out nearly impossible.  Gluten is in breads and pasts so it is very hard to avoid it in your diet.  About 1 hour after I eat bread I start to feel my stomach ache and the bloating starts.  Sometimes it can even cause diarrhea, abdominal pain, and the urge to vomit.  A few year ago I read an article about gluten and realized this was what was causing my stomach aches and bloating and I most likely had a mild form of Celiac Disease.  I have tried taking probiotics and other supplements to help with the issue and those did not work. For me the best course of action was just to avoid gluten all together.  The problem is there are very few good tasting products on the market.  At a trade show in Portland Oregon I ran into the Keli’s Hawaiian booth and sampled their Gluten Free Teriyaki Sauce on chicken, and I was hooked at first taste.  Their teriyaki is a sweet ginger style teriyaki and not the bitter and salty varieties you find from countries in Asia.  This family recipe comes from the Hawaiian Islands and uses sugar as a base instead of salt.   Keli’s tastes great on chicken, fish, poultry, rice, steak, beef, pizza, and just about everything else I have tried.  My favorite is to make up my meatball recipe and glaze them with it about 5 minutes before they are done cooking in the oven.  This isn’t the type of sauce your marinate with because it’s thicker then your average teriyaki and works best as a dip or a glaze.  I purchased their 15oz bottle off Amazon and it lasted for over a month.  That’s a long time considering I use it 4-5 times a week for cooking for a family of four.  I cooked for my extended family last week and everyone loved it.  I call Keli’s my secret weapon in the kitchen because it adds a lot of flavor to bland dishes.  If you have kids this is a must buy because kids go crazy over this stuff.

Check out this video to see a great gluten-free stir fry recipe you can make at home.

One of the best places to find information on cooking is on YouTube.  I learn more great advice there then I probably did at a 4 year college.  The world of Youtube is filled with niche experts on every single topic imaginable.  If you do a simple search for “cooking recipes” or “cooking videos” you will find thousands of chefs ready to let you into their home.  After using their teriyaki sauce for about 2 weeks I decided to check YouTube for some new ideas about Keli’s.  I found one video by a guy named the “Fire Breathing Idiot” who did a review on the Pele’s Fire Spicy Teriyaki Sauce.  He sampled the product on camera and gave it rave reviews which inspired me to try their whole line.  From the information I can gather from their website they have a teriyaki, spicy teriyaki, huli-huli sauce, sweet and sour sauce, and a marinade.  The Keli’s website also talks about releasing an Organic line soon which I am excited about because health is one of my main passions.  I have included this product in my blog because it is gluten-free but it would be better if it was Organic as well so when they come out with more products I will feature them here.  You don’t need an exact recipe to cook up a delicious meal and all it takes is some creativity in the kitchen.  You can serve this on grilled chicken over rice, just apply the thick teriyaki sauce during the last few minutes of cooking.  Like I mentioned earlier, it’s also delicious on steak as a post cooking dipping sauce.

I hope this blog gave you some gluten-free cooking ideas.  I know people suffering from Celiac Disease have a hard time finding things to eat so I thought I would do the community a favor and begin featuring quality gluten free products I find online.  Next week I will post a blog featuring more healthy food options.

The Secret Law Of Attraction And Your Health

picture of attract wealth and abundance

What is the Secret Law of Attraction?

Many claim to understand this law but when they talk about it they tend to exercise their ignorance.

For thousands of years great leaders and successful business people have harnessed the power of manifesting to bring them great wealth and success. One must ask, how does one “attract” these things into your life? The key is to work with the natural flow of the universe instead of agains’t it. Everything in nature has a certain rhythm that you must work in conjunction with if you want to be successful. This natural flow has always been there and always will be. Those who try to work agains’t this flow could possibly find temporary success, but in the end they will fail. History is full of many examples of evil people attempting to operate within a negative frequency range.

There is some truth to the fact that one can harness negative energy for their own evil deeds, but the problem is eventually it destroys them. You get what you give. There’s also some truth to the fact that negative energy can give you a temporary shortcut to success, but once again this is only temporary. That’s why you see evil people rise to greatness then they are suddenly ruined.

The key to great wealth or any success in life is to go with the natural flow of earth. Emotions like fear, greed, worry, and doubt are all tools of the devil. These negative vibrations will only hurt you and never help and should be avoided like the plague. The truth is that unlimited abundance is available to all inhabitants on earth, and a scarcity mentality is never good. Don’t mistake this for meaning competition is no good, because that’s not the case. Competition is good and usually brings lower prices for all, but one must be careful to keep a positive vibration.

When I first heard of the LOA I wasn’t in tune with my bodies natural frequencies. Now that I’m aware that I have a natural vibration I can see myself move from state to state. If i’m in a bad mood I have a different frequency then when I’m in a good mood. Likewise, when I’m around people who are in a poor state of mind then they negativity can rub off on those around them. I’m sure you’ve experienced this and just not realized it.

Here is the scenario, you walk into a room and the energy just doesn’t feel right. What your feeling is the combined frequency of everyone who’s in the room. The other key to the law is you can’t help but be influenced by other people’s energy, so it’s important to choose who you surround yourself with very carefully. In fact, I only hang out with people who are in a positive state of mind. Taken a step further, If I walk into a room that has negative energy I simply leave. I’m sure you’ve been there, you walk into a restaurant or bar on a night out drinking with friends and the energy feels terrible. Maybe the bar or restaurant is filled with a bunch of depressed people. If you are in tune to this you can instantly feel it. In that case I will turn around and leave. Why would I want these people’s negativity rubbing off on me? I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, misery loves company. This classic saying is just simply restating the law of attraction. People who are really negative prefer to hang out with other angry, fearful, or upset people. If your really angry you don’t want to hang out with happy people because it makes you feel bad about yourself and vise versa.

picture of Green-energy, the secret law of attraction    So what does the law of attraction have to do with my health you may be thinking? Studies show that a negative energy level can actually be harmful to your health. Negative vibration puts strain and stress and all working parts of the body. Stress (negative vibration) literally breaks down your bodies immune system and ability to function. Your body can handle negative energy from time to time, but it functions best is a positive vibration. Think of it this way, positive means to grow and flourish, negative mean to decay and rot. Thats the best way I can put it. You can eat health and exercise perfectly all you want, but if you are in a negative vibration, then all the rest is doing little to no good. This is also why you can be in a positive vibration and eat a little worse. There is a balance, much like a weight scale. The only difference is that too much positive isn’t bad. Too much negative could kill you, literally. There are some great videos on the law here.

Eating the right foods can help you remain in a positive vibration which in turn helps you attract what you want in your life. Ever hear the saying, you are what you eat? Food is energy, so if you eat positively charged food than it will assist you to stay in a positive vibration and healthy state. Negatively charged foods will make it harder to stay in a positive state. It can be done, but takes more effort. Do you want it to be easier or harder? Each little thing we do in life stacks on the other. Stack the positive and attract more of it. Stack the negative and attract more of that. Your body follows your orders and makes no qualms about which you choose. This is what the law is all about. Make a promise to yourself today to avoid fear, worry, and doubt and instead focus on a positive energetic state and you will be more successful.

So if you take anything away from this blog then remember that were all putting off a vibration or energy. Start recognizing your own energy and feel how it changes throughout the day. The more you can maintain a positive state and energy the better you life will be. If you would like to learn more There are some great articles on the secret law of attraction website.


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